The primary purpose of earthing is to avoid or minimize the danger of electrocution, fire due to earth leakage of current through undesired path and to ensure that the potential of a current carrying conductor does not rise with respect to the earth than its designed insulation.

When the metallic part of electrical appliances (parts that can conduct or allow passage of electric current) comes in contact with a live wire, maybe due to failure of installations or failure in cable insulation, the metal become charged and static charge accumulates on it. If a person touches such a charged metal, the result is a severe shock.

To avoid such instances, the power supply systems and parts of appliances have to be earthed so as to transfer the charge directly to the earth.

Below are the basic needs of Earthing

  • To protect human lives as well as provide safety to electrical devices and appliances from leakage current.
  • To keep voltage as constant in the healthy phase (If fault occurs on any one phase).
  • To Protect Electric system and buildings form lighting.
  • To serve as a return conductor in electric traction system and communication.
  • To avoid the risk of fire in electrical installation systems.