T.V, Music & door access systems


Door access control systems are ideal for commercial buildings and businesses. They can determine, for your business, who is allowed to enter or exit certain doors, where they are allowed to use the doors, and when they are allowed to use the doors. SKYHILL ENGINEERING PVT LTD uses computer systems and locks, fobs and cards to solve the limitations of traditional lock and key systems that could allow anyone in at any time if they happen to have the key. Our systems are custom tailored to your business’ hours, employees, and access limitations.

With our electronic door access control systems, each entry and exit is logged and recorded, meaning no one can enter without you knowing about it. Some doors feature keypads that allow the door to unlock for a limited period, allowing temporary access for your hours, and then lock up again. Others allow access only upon using your employee’s fey fob or key card. The system will also record when a door has been forced or if the door was held open for longer than usual. These systems are fantastic for commercial buildings and small business, as they are far more secure than traditional methods. Protect your valuables and important documents by using a door access control system in your business. Combine this system with a commercial surveillance system for an incredibly secure site.

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